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Announcement:  Bob Jack from Start Kayaking Blog is building a kayak with a group of friends from scratch.

He has been kind enough to let us put his posts on our blog.  You can read them here or visit his kayaking site and read directly.

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Build Kayak

Why would a person want to build his own boat?

1. Because It’s Unique!

I’ve seen many different types of do it yourself boats and I always have respect for the people that take the time and effort to create a one of a kind boat like that.  It really makes my day.

2. Because It’s Cool!

I can think of several reasons but the number one reason for me is that boats that people build themselves are usually awesome in some way and can turn a lot of heads!  If you want to feel really special about your boat then build one yourself.

I grew up in an affluent community in Michigan.  Our town bordered Lake St. Clair and every one of our little cities had a park on the lake.  The water lovers spent hours upon hours on boats, on the docks fishing or swimming in the pools.

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Not everybody that lived in the Grosse Pointes was well off, me included. But we were all connected in some way and the lake was a thread that connected many of us. My family never owned a boat but I spent many summers on the lake in other people’s boats.

My brother however, somehow managed to get his hands on a really small hydroplane that ran off a small outboard motor.  At first I thought it was silly, but then he told me how fast he got that thing to go on that “dinky” outboard and I was truly impressed.  Maybe thirty miles an hour doesn’t seem fast, but when your boat is eight feet long and you’re about eleven years old, it seems really cool!

As I got older, my boating friends seemed to get bigger boats.  Back then wooden Chris Crafts were very popular and really nice vessels.  Fiberglass hulls were making the scene but the wood boats always attracted my attention far beyond the newer designs.

3. Because You Can!

So if I saw an obviously handmade canoe, done in wood, nicely varnished, it would always get me more pumped up than the 50’ cruiser my doctor friends were motoring around.  Face it; if someone takes the time and patience to make their very own one of a kind boat, from scratch, you just have to appreciate it!  It is a labor of love and passion.  How cool is that!?

And you can do it yourself with the right information and some time and patience.

Here Is How We Help You Build Your Own Boat

Boat Product Reviews

On this site we  have product reviews for some information products that we have found that some people might find helpful for building or designing your own boat.  If you buy through our link we make a few bucks to fill our boat with gas and pay the winter docking fees if we’re lucky.

The goal of our reviews is to tell you more about the product that you can get from the sales letter.  Sometimes you just don’t really know what you are getting.  If we find something missing from the product or have some way to make it better, we will give you a way to get it from us for free if you buy it through our link.

We don’t want you to buy something that isn’t right for you so don’t feel obligated (not that you would).  We buy these products with our own money, download them and carefully look through them before we write about them.  Mike is especially thorough – a classic engineer, and he knows a lot about boats, so read his reviews if you want the details.

Also, if you find out about a product and want us to review it before you buy it send us an email.  Look for info on the contact us page.

Learn more about Build Your Own Boat on the about page.

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